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The Financial crisis at historically Black universities in South Africa: An analysis of the policy debates with specific reference to the University of the Western Cape.

<p>The research is based on the Financial crisis of the Historically Black Universities as well as the access problems encountered by students from poor backgrounds. Furthermore the research highlights the problems encountered by these students once they are accepted into these universities for example, the inability to cope withe the high standards of sudying at these institutions as well as the problem of paying their fees. the thesis shows the history of university funding in South Africa with emphasis on the differentfunding formulas, dating back to the era of the Holloway funding formula as well as the Van Wyk de Vries report, the SAPSE funding formula and different other mechanisms up to the present funding formula. Views of different educationalists will also be dealt with in regard to the funding problems of university education in South Africa.</p>
Date January 2008
CreatorsLeshoro, T. M.
Source SetsUniv. of Western Cape
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis and dissertation
RightsCopyright: University of the Western Cape

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