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Codes from uniform subset graphs and cycle products.

<p>In this thesis only Binary codes are studied. Firstly, the codes overs the field GF(2) by the adjacency matrix of the complement T(n), ofthe triangular graph, are examined. It is shown that the code obtained is the full space F2 s(n/2) when n= 0 (mod 4) and the dual code of the space generated by the j-vector when n= 2(mod 4). The codes from the other two cases are less trivial: when n=1 (mod 4) the code is [(n 2), (n 2 ) - n + 1, 3] code, and when n = 3 (mod 4) it is an [(n 2), (n 2) - n, 4 ] code.</p>
Date January 2007
CreatorsFish, Washiela.
Source SetsUniv. of Western Cape
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeThesis and dissertation
RightsCopyright: University of the Western Cape

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