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DEVELOPMENT OF AN EMI MEASUREMENT SYSTEM : Performance Analysis of Bluetooth communication under noise environment

<p>This thesis is a project carried out at the “Centre for RF Measurements Technology of Gävle”. The first aim of this work was basically to develop an EMI measurement system, to that purpose, it has been used an EMI Tester receiver, Spectrum Analyzer and a broadband antenna. Tables and graphics are shown to provide the values of the different detectors utilized.</p><p>Using this measurement system, an interference file was recorded and then inserted in a Bluetooth communication model. The interference file was simulated with Matlab Simulink, to check how the interference affected the communication; the effects of the signal degradation are presented in a graphic.</p><p>Finally a real Bluetooth communication was established using two Bluetooth modules from Free2Move Company, to prove that the effect of microwave oven interferences produces the increase of transmission time and therefore decrease the Throughput.</p>
Date January 2008
CreatorsPerez, Felix, Ferrer, Javier
PublisherUniversity of Gävle, Department of Technology and Built Environment, University of Gävle, Department of Technology and Built Environment
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, text

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