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Analys och produktionsförbättring på monteringslinan Vensafe

<p>This study is preformed at Westbaltic Components placed in Töcksfors Sweden. Themain target in this study is to make one of the company’s assembly lines better andmore effective. The assembly line constructs vending machines for different stores allover Europe.It will contain tobacco, snuff, cigarettes and shaving blades and many more similarproducts.The first step in our study is to locate the daily problems and find out a good way toreduce them and make them disappear. A good way to do this job easier was toconstruct a visualizing board. This board became one of our main tools in this study.The whole study is based on the Lean production philosophies.The visualizing board is the main tool, which will help us to solve the problems in theassembly line. During the study some variance in the construction appeared. Ourgoal was to make the vending machines similar to each other. To standardize thework some assembly instruction was developed.In a more competitive world the importance of a production in developing crucial. Thevending machines struggles with the reducing cost and to match this it is importantthe work is more effective and reduce the building time.The introducing of OEE will helping the assembly line to perform a better witch leadsthe company to better quality. When the visualizing board is filled with information willthe work with the 7 QC – tools begin. The 7 QC – tools is the start of the newdevelopment process for the company.</p>
Date January 2010
CreatorsRingström, Pontus, Landegren Hagen, Adam
PublisherKarlstad University, Faculty of Technology and Science, Karlstad University, Faculty of Technology and Science
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, text

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