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Ombyggnad av lokaler till bostäder : en studie av fastighetsmarknaden i Stockholm

<p>The situation that one can discern on the Swedish real estate market is that while there are several offices vacant, the need for apartments is high – the vacancy rate for apartments is non-existent. According to the rebuilding of Skatteskrapan one will realise that the project requires a lot of money, even though it promotes the residential situation. The real estate owner experiences a risk in rebuilding real estates – whether it will generate good yield or not. This results in a great need to construct a solid basis of decision before a rebuilding is made. Our purpose is to analyse the basis of decision that is constructed before a rebuilding from offices to apartments that takes place in Stockholm. Within the basis of decision that is constructed before a rebuilding from office to apartment, we intend to examine the process that real estate owner experiences before a rebuilding is possible. The result we received from the examination shows that all of the real estate owners calculate on expected revenues and costs. Furthermore, we discovered that almost every real estate owner didn’t construct a thorough marketing analysis. The yield of demand differs between the private real estate owners and those run by the state.Concerning laws and restrictions, it’s something real estate owners must subordinate and take into consideration. Our conclusion is that there are several elements that could change or improve – which moreover could increase the number of rebuilds from offices to apartments – which are noiserestriction, the handling process with complaints and so forth.</p>
Date January 2006
CreatorsLundvall, Roger, Stenhorn, Patricia
PublisherSödertörn University College, School of Business Studies, Södertörn University College, School of Business Studies, Huddinge : Institutionen för ekonomi och företagande
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, text

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