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“För annars har man ju fått harve på här...” : Distansutbildningens betydelse för boende i Vilhelmina kommun

There is a risk of skilled labour shortages in rural areas in Sweden due to demographic change. Distance education is one manner to meet those challenges. This study focuses on people's experiences of distance education in a rural municipality and what it meant to them. The study is based on interviews with people who have completed higher education through distance learning in the Vilhelmina municipality and is compared with previous studies. The results show that career opportunities and personal development within the municipality are highlighted as valuable outcomes of distance education.
Date January 2020
CreatorsGlas, Jenny
PublisherUmeå universitet, Institutionen för geografi
Source SetsDiVA Archive at Upsalla University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeStudent thesis, info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis, text

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