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Evaluation of the Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Network's collaboration program to promote healthy lifestyles

Introduction: Over ten years ago the Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Network (SBCN) was created to work towards better meeting the needs of breast cancer patients and survivors in the province. With funding from the Cancer Program of the Public Health Agency of Canada in June 2009, the SBCN implemented the A Thinking, Learning and Caring Collaboration: Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle program in various communities throughout Saskatchewan.<p>
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the program implemented in 2009/2010 to: (1) determine to what extent the program was implemented as proposed; and (2) assess to what extent the program met its own goals.<p>
Methods: Using a constructivist ethnographic mixed methodology, the data collected included self-report surveys, observational data, and semi-structured interviews, which were conducted with seven members of the Advisory Committee and five breast cancer survivors representing urban, rural, senior, young and Aboriginal demographics. Descriptive analysis was used to tabulate the surveys' results and qualitative analysis followed the structure of the program logic model.<p>
Results: The results of this evaluation reveal that the program was implemented as proposed despite unforeseen challenges, which necessitated slight alterations in the timing of events. The program was successful in meeting many of its goals; however, the sustainability of these impacts are unlikely due to the disintegration of the formal Network following the completion of the program.<p>
Conclusions: Future research should focus on the role of current medical service providers and grassroots organizations in meeting the needs of breast cancer survivors, beyond treatment for physical symptoms. Evidence surrounding the motivations to adopt healthy choices will facilitate effective program delivery for the diverse group of Canadian breast cancer survivors.
Date28 March 2011
CreatorsAdler, Ellie Marisa Shour
ContributorsAbonyi, Sylvia, Brooks, Carolyn, Leis, Anne, Neufeld, Anne
PublisherUniversity of Saskatchewan
Source SetsUniversity of Saskatchewan Library
Detected LanguageEnglish
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