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Atmospheric ozone retrieval using radiance measurements from the Chappuis and Hartley-Huggins absorption bands

The monitoring of global ozone in the atmosphere is a necessary prerequisite to understanding atmospheric chemistry and managing atmospheric constituents. Satellite systems have been developed to measure ozone and other constituents accurately on a global basis. However, within this area there is considerable room for advancement in the techniques used to measure ozone from a satellite platform.<p>The Canadian instrument OSIRIS onboard the Swedish-led satellite Odin contains an optical spectrograph that is used for measuring limb radiance in the atmosphere. There are various proven techniques to convert limb radiance data into ozone density profiles. This work presents a new technique that combines radiance data from both the Chappuis and Hartley-Huggins bands to retrieve ozone density. The new technique extends the current upper limit of Chappuis-only retrievals from 40 km to 60 km.<p>The major portion of this work describes the implementation of this new technique. Briefly, a Multiplicative Algebraic Reconstructive Technique, together with the SaskTRAN radiative transfer model, is used to invert the limb radiance data into ozone density profiles.<p>An overview of the resulting ozone density profiles is presented together with comparisons against other ozone products as a first order verification of the results.<p>This work will be used to produce a new ozone data set from the OSIRIS limb radiance data consisting of ozone density profiles that are valid to 60 km.
Date27 March 2007
CreatorsRoth, Christopher Z.
ContributorsXiao, Chijin, St.-Maurice, Jean-Pierre, Manson, Alan, Llewellyn, Edward J., Koustov, Alexandre V. (Sasha), Dodds, David E., Degenstein, Douglas A.
PublisherUniversity of Saskatchewan
Source SetsUniversity of Saskatchewan Library
Detected LanguageEnglish
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