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The LGBTQ movement in Argentina : a study of activists in Córdoba

Within the historically conservative city of Córdoba, Argentina, LGBTQ activism has grown in the past year during a period in which the movement has achieved significant advances nationwide. This thesis examines how a new LGBTQ organization, Encuentros por la Diversidad en Córdoba, formed its identity by creating boundaries between itself and other organizations in Argentina through a frame of diversity and horizontalism, in which members have an equal opportunity to participate. While the group was able to maintain diversity through its activities, its attempts to create and follow a horizontal structure were not successful. Because of this failure, hierarchies based on members’ social and political capital developed within the group, despite the organization’s commitment to equality. / text
Date15 February 2011
CreatorsStringer, Lindsey Michelle
Source SetsUniversity of Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish

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