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A pilot study of test driven development

Test Driven Development is a software technique which uses automated unit tests to drive software design and to force decoupling of dependencies. This report describes the pilot study that was conducted to understand Test Driven Development process and to evaluate its pros and cons before adopting it completely across the software team. The goal of the pilot study was to use TDD principles to build part of a real life software project - in particular, to completely implement 3 user stories - and to evaluate the resulting software. The main questions being discussed are - Is it feasible to adopt TDD in the development of a real life system with databases and UI? How easy is it to convert a user story into a set of unit tests? Can a set of unit tests adequately represent a user story or are requirements lost in translation? / text
Date21 February 2011
CreatorsAravindhan, Arasi
Source SetsUniversity of Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish

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