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Exploring spatial interactions

The field of interaction design is constantly shifting with the introduction of new
technologies that allow individuals the ability to interact with or act upon an environment,
such as installations that use motion tracking as an input device, or allowing users to interact
with an environment with their mobile device. This shift from the interaction with
traditional computers (static machines) to machines that react to people and environments,
requires designers to reevaluate how these new platforms can be effectively used to
communicate information and have a lasting affect on participants. There is a great challenge
in the articulation of new interaction models. Many people tend to hold on to more
traditional or familiar methods of interacting with their devices, as these new methods of
engagement require the learning of new metaphors for interaction. How do we construct
systems that engage and motivate people to use unfamiliar systems? The work presented in
this report is my attempt to answer this question by exploring emerging spatial interface
technologies. / text
Date08 August 2012
CreatorsBruner, Ryan David
Source SetsUniversity of Texas
Detected LanguageEnglish

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