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Enhanced separations strategies for complex sample characterization using ion mobility-mass spectrometry

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS) is an analytical technique used to separate gas-phase ions based on their structural properties such as size and shape as well as their mass, in the IM and MS dimensions, respectively. Furthermore, this analytical technique has become a widely used tool for a wide variety of fields. Its great sensitivity and selectivity provides scientists numerous advantages for the analysis of complex samples of numerous analyte types (biomolecules, synthetic polymers, metals, etc.) spanning a broad dynamic range. It is well known, that MS can be greatly improved when a separation is performed prior to ionization, more commonly liquid chromatography (LC). However, in the pursuit of faster separations and increased analyte coverage, both gas- and condensed phase techniques such as ion mobility (IM), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC) have been implemented. Their orthogonality was explored in the metabolome characterization of a wide variety of biological and synthetic samples.
Date21 April 2016
CreatorsMontenegro Burke, Jose Rafael
ContributorsJanet E. Macdonald, John A. McLean, David E. Cliffel, David M. Hercules, Ned A. Porter
Source SetsVanderbilt University Theses
Detected LanguageEnglish
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