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Bridging the gap

The urban realm is a collage of ruin, artifact, and modern invention. Whole pieces and fragments linger untouched or prosthetized onto new constructions, creating a landscape of monsters. These creatures, beautiful or grotesque, metamorphose through time. The tendons that tie these body parts together tell the story of architecture. This thesis explores the joint between such members: the detail of the space between. / Master of Architecture
Date15 July 2004
CreatorsBarbour, Anna Maria
ContributorsArchitecture, Emmons, Paul F., Frascari, Marco, Piedmont-Palladino, Susan C., Holt, Jaan
PublisherVirginia Tech
Source SetsVirginia Tech Theses and Dissertation
Detected LanguageEnglish
FormatETD, application/pdf
RightsIn Copyright,

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