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Integrating CDS/ISIS Databases with Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL)

CDS/ISIS is an advanced non-numerical information storage and retrieval software developed by UNESCO since 1985 to satisfy the need expressed by many institutions, especially in developing countries, to be able to streamline their information processing activities by using modern (and relatively inexpensive) technologies. CDS/ISIS is available for MS-DOS, Windows and Unix operating system platforms. The formatting language of CDS/ISIS is one of its several strengths. It is not only used for formatting records for display but is also used for creating customized indexes. CDS/ISIS by itself does not facilitate in publishing its databases on the Internet nor does it facilitate in publishing on CD-ROMs. However, numbers of open source tools are now available, which enables in publishing CDS/ISIS databases on the Internet and also on CD-ROMs.

In this paper, we have discussed the ways and means of integrating CDS/ISIS databases with GSDL, an open source digital library (DL) software.
Date January 2004
CreatorsJayakanth, Francis, Shivaram, B.S., Venkatalakshmi, K., Singh, Sukhdev
Source SetsUniversity of Arizona
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeConference Paper

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