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Synthetic approach to bonandiol and hyperforin.

The enantioselective approach to bonandiol, also known as magydardiendiol, has utilized two novel synthetic methodologies. The first is the diastereoselective cyclopropanation of a homochiral eneketal prepared from (2R,3R)- or (2S,3S)-2,3-butanediol and possessing C₂ symmetry. Simmons-Smith cyclopropanation gave good diastereoselectivity (69-75%) in addition to excellent amounts of monocyclopropanated material obtained (90-96%). The second method utilized is the nickel acetylacetonate catalyzed coupling of dimethylzinc to a sterically hindered cyclic β-keto enolphosphate in 76-92% yield. This approach to the A ring of hyperforin starting from commercially available citral allows for the introduction of all but one isoprenyl appendage.
Date January 1988
CreatorsHeidt, Philip Conrad.
ContributorsMash, Eugene, Bates, Robert, Hruby, Victor, Rund, John, Law, John
PublisherThe University of Arizona.
Source SetsUniversity of Arizona
Detected LanguageEnglish
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