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Information systems project management: An integrated resource planning perspective model.

A major goal of information systems management is to improve the efficiency of the software development process. However, the history of software development is filled with failures, late deliveries, cost overruns, and user dissatisfaction. Ongoing efforts are being made to enhance the processes and techniques used in the management of software projects, but despite the gains that have been made in the past decade, we still lack an understanding of the modern software development process, especially in the area of management and control of environmental resource dependence. The objective of this research has been to study and model the general management strategies, processes, and techniques used in managing software projects from a resource dependence perspective. A survey of the literature and a survey of computer professionals were conducted to gain insight into the problems and opportunities in managing software development projects. Based on the literature and the survey findings, an integrated model for software project management was developed. This model was tested against data collected from a large software development project at a major corporation. Software project management trends were further explored by reviewing the latest development in software project management tools. From the findings of the model test and the review of software tools, a set of opportunities for future research in software project management were suggested.
Date January 1990
CreatorsPhan, Dien Dean.
ContributorsNunamaker, Jay F., Jr., Tansik, David, George, Joey, Vogel, Douglas R., Torres, David
PublisherThe University of Arizona.
Source SetsUniversity of Arizona
Detected LanguageEnglish
Typetext, Dissertation-Reproduction (electronic)
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