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An empirical assessment of the factors affecting the diffusion of group support systems in organizations.

Organizations are downsizing, challenging their employees to "do more with less." Projects teams and work groups being formed to accomplish this goal are being supported with a new type of technology called Group Support Systems (GSS). This research was concerned with determining the major factors that affect the diffusion of GSS in organizations. GroupSystems (GS) is the GSS that was researched. A survey methodology was used to collect data. The model for this research was developed from existing models in diffusion research, from prior MIS research on GroupSystems, and from prior MIS implementation research. The following independent variables were analyzed: the role of the internal champion, the role of the facilitator, average size of the work groups and the percentage of work that was handled by each work group, hourly charge for using GS, total amount of money invested in the technology, and the role of communication channels within the organization. The data were analyzed through four different regressions, with the same results being obtained each time. Significant relationships were found for the size of work groups, the hourly charge rate, and the amount spent on the technology; findings for the role of the facilitator were partially significant. The final regression was significant at the p<.001 level and accounted for over 58% of the model.
Date January 1995
CreatorsShepherd, Morgan Morrison.
ContributorsNunamaker, J. F. Jr., Vogel, Douglas R., Orwig, Richard E., Beach, Lee Roy, Griffith, T. L.
PublisherThe University of Arizona.
Source SetsUniversity of Arizona
Detected LanguageEnglish
Typetext, Dissertation-Reproduction (electronic)
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