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An Evaluation of the HIV/AIDS Awareness at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy

Class of 2006 Abstract / Objectives: The HIV/AIDS Awareness series aims to broaden the College of Pharmacy’s impact and service to the community by educating and increasing awareness about the many facets of HIV/AIDS not only locally, but also globally. Our innovative educational series entitled “AIDS Awareness Week,” will enable many students and faculty to come together to learn in a community forum setting. Our purpose is to describe the general activities included in the Week, as well as to describe the general reaction to the program.
Methods: A questionnaire was developed and administered every day of the week long series from November 28 – December 1 2005 at the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy.
Results: Data was utilized for a total of 222 participants to the 2005 AIDS Awareness Week educational series. Of the 222, 41.4% (n=92) were male, and 59% (n=130) were female. The following faculties were represented during the week; College of Pharmacy 72.5% (n=161), the College of Nursing 14% (n=30), the College of Medicine 7.2% (n=16), the College of Public Health 1.4% (n=3), and those from “other” programs at 1.4% (n=3). Of those in attendance, 94% (n=209) were students, 2.3% (n=5) were faculty, 2.3% (n=5) fell into the “other” category, and 1.4% (n=3) were health professionals.
Of significance was the number of “return” participants to the different 2005 educational series. The number of “return participants” was as follows: On day 2, 63.3% (n=38) of the 60 in attendance had been to the previous day. On day 3, 48% (n=30) of 63 participants had been to Day 1, and 62% (n=39) had also attended Day 2. On Day 4, 52% (n=26) of the 50 in attendance had attended Day1, 58% (n=29) for Day 2, and 44% (n=22) for Day 3. Implications: Overall, the series went very well and attendance was high. Positive feedback regarding the events was taken via anecdotal comments and that people returned to each session. This program is easily duplicated and can be used as a template in any university setting to promote awareness of sensitive subjects as well as foster community learning and relationships between the professions. It is hoped that this educational series will aid in bridging the gap within healthcare professionals, as well as provide an open forum for students from different backgrounds to come and learn the information together.
Date January 2006
CreatorsPugliese, Leanna
ContributorsKatz, Michael, Slack, Marion, College of Pharmacy, The University of Arizona
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