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Knowledge of Obesity Prevention in Pharmacy Students

Class of 2005 Abstract / Objectives: To describe the physical activity and nutrition status of pharmacy students and determine the level of knowledge that these students have related to prevention of obesity.
Methods: This was a descriptive study of the physical activity and nutrition status of pharmacy students and their knowledge related to the prevention of obesity. Data were collected from all the students using a paper and pencil questionnaire (a copy is provided in the Appendix). Students were asked to answer questions related to causes of obesity, definition of obesity using BMI, and physical activity relating to BMI. They were also asked to compare physical activity to drug therapy and define the recommended exercise guidelines by the Institute of Medicine. Students were asked to match physical activities with the intensity of the activity from light to vigorous. Students were also asked to list the fruits, vegetables, unsaturated fats, sweetened drinks, fried foods, and whole-grain foods consumed the day prior. Students listed the frequency of moderate and vigorous activities they participated in the week prior. Students chose the benefits of physical activity most important to them and were asked to rank the importance of physical activity, diet and obesity prevention to their health. Demographic data were collected on age, gender, ethnicity, height and weight.
Results: Scores were derived for all questions and mean scores for the three classes were compared using student’s t-test for all groups. Mean scores and student’s t-test were also used to compare responses between genders.
Implications: Overall, pharmacy students are lacking education in preventing obesity. By educating pharmacists about healthy eating and physical activity they, in turn, can educate the public on preventing obesity.
Date January 2005
CreatorsMarroquin, Cesar, Virgen, Maria
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