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Chartopolis - A Self Driving Car Test Bed

abstract: This thesis presents an autonomous vehicle test bed which can be used to conduct studies on the interaction between human-driven vehicles and autonomous vehicles on the road. The test bed will make use of a fleet of robots which is a microcosm of an autonomous vehicle performing all the vital tasks like lane following, traffic signal obeying and collision avoidance with other vehicles on the road. The robots use real-time image processing and closed-loop control techniques to achieve automation. The testbed also features a manual control mode where a user can choose to control the car with a joystick by viewing a video relayed to the control station. Stochastic rogue vehicle processes will be introduced into the system which will emulate random behaviors in an autonomous vehicle. The test bed was experimented to perform a comparative study of driving capabilities of the miniature self-driving car and a human driver. / Dissertation/Thesis / Masters Thesis Electrical Engineering 2018
Date January 2018
ContributorsSubramanyam, Rakshith (Author), Berman, Spring (Advisor), Yu, Honbin (Advisor), Jayasurya, Suren (Committee member), Arizona State University (Publisher)
Source SetsArizona State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeMasters Thesis
Format61 pages
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