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Environment Sensor Coverage using Multi-Agent Headings

abstract: This work describes an approach for distance computation between agents in a

multi-agent swarm. Unlike other approaches, this work relies solely on signal Angleof-

Arrival (AoA) data and local trajectory data. Each agent in the swarm is able

to discretely determine distance and bearing to every other neighbor agent in the

swarm. From this information, I propose a lightweight method for sensor coverage

of an unknown area based on the work of Sameera Poduri. I also show that this

technique performs well with limited calibration distances. / Dissertation/Thesis / Masters Thesis Mechanical Engineering 2020
Date January 2020
ContributorsMulford, Philip (Author), Das, Jnaneshwar (Advisor), Takahashi, Timothy (Committee member), Phelan, Patrick (Committee member), Arizona State University (Publisher)
Source SetsArizona State University
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeMasters Thesis
Format53 pages

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