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Secondary educable mentally retarded students' awareness of occupational survival skills in the pre-vocational training program

Purpose of the Study
The major purpose of this study was to determine if secondary level educable mentally retarded students had an awareness of skills developed in the Pre-Vocational Training Program and the skills needed for job placement and employment continuation.
The subjects used in this study consisted of fifty-five Pre-Vocational Training students. They consisted of twenty-two females and twenty-three males. Their chronological ages ranged from 14-19. All had been enrolled in the Pre-Vocational Training Program from one to four years.
Research Procedures
The research procedure employed in this study was as follows:
1. Permission was secured from officials at the selected urban school to conduct the study.
2. Interviews were held with students to assure participation in the research project.
3. The fifty-five subjects were selected as part of the study on the basis of placement and schedule with a selected pre-vocational teacher.
4. Permission was secured from parents for students' participation in the study.
5. The questionnaire was formulated and field tested on prep vocational training students not a part of the study and remedial reading students whose reading level approximate that of the pre-vocational training students in the study.
Analysis of Study
The data was presented using percentages on each item of the questionnaire to determine if pre-vocational training students were aware of occupational survival skills and skills needed for job placement and employment continuation.
Differences between subjects responses to awareness to occupational survival skills and skills needed for job placement and employment continuation were consistent and increased progressively at each grade level in a positive direction.
Date01 August 1979
CreatorsPerry, Nettie B. Johnson
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