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Numerical techniques for singular optimal trajectories

The objectives of the subject-matter of this thesis were to appraise some methods of solving non-singular optimal control problems by their degree of success in tackling four chosen problems and then to try the most promising methods on chosen singular problems. In Part I of this thesis, the chosen problems are attempted by quasilinearisation, two versions of shooting, Miels's method, differential dynamic programming and two versions of parameterisation . Conclusions on the various methods are given. NOC shooting, developed by the Numerical Optimisation Centre of The Hatfield Polytechnic, and constrained optimisation were found to be very useful for non-singular problems. In Part 11, the properties and calculation of possible singular controls are investigated, then the two chosen methods used. It was found that NOC shooting was again very useful, provided the solution structure is known and that constrained parameterisation was invaluable for determining the solution structure and when shooting is impossible. Contributions to knowledge as as follows. In Part I, the relative merits of various methods are displayed, additions are made to the theory of parameterisation, shooting and quasilinearisation, the best solutions known of the chosen problems are produced and choices of optimisation parameters for one chosen problem, the satellite problem, are compared. The satellite problem has dependent state variables and the Maximum Principle is extended in Appendix III to cover this case . In Part II, a thorough survey of the properties of singular controls is given, the calculation of possible singular controls clarified and extended, the utility of the two chosen methods is displayed, the best solutions known of the Goddard problem obtained with improved understanding of transitions in soluti on structures , Cl problem studied with control dependent on the costate variables and singular solution structures found.
Date January 1986
CreatorsFraser-Andrews, G.
PublisherUniversity of Hertfordshire
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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