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Dual tobacco use in a random sample of UK resident Bangladeshi men

UK resident Bangladeshi men pose a public health challenge because of their preference for traditional tobacco use along side cigarette smoking. Studies investigating UK black and minority ethnic tobacco use have not had a primary focus on this issue. Furthermore, the extent and nature of dual tobacco use by Bangladeshi men had not been reliably established due to a reliance on self-report and a definitional confusion about paan with and without tobacco. This study aims to establish the prevalence of dual tobacco use by UK resident Bangladeshi men using a random survey design. It also plans to establish baseline information for dual tobacco use against the key determinants of a health inequality model. Psychosocial, health and nicotine related parameters of dual tobacco users are compared with cigarette only smokers and paan tobacco chewers. Risk factors for dual tobacco use have been explored through multivariate analysis. Three hundred and twenty-five men of Bangladeshi origin were randomly selected using the Tower Hamlets Electoral Register and interviewed at home using a pre piloted questionnaire incorporating items used in other relevant UK studies. Expired carbon monoxide readings were recorded using a Bedfont CO monitor. Dual tobacco was used by 22% of the sample, while 36% smoked cigarette only, 70/0 chewed paan tobacco only, and 350/0 did not use any form of tobacco. When dual tobacco users were compared with the cigarette smokers in bivariate analysis, there were significant differences in terms of self reported social class, age, education, employment, and heath status. A multivariate analysis controlling for age, education status, social class, self reported health and social capital scores showed tha1 only wife's tobacco use predicted dual tobacco use (OR=6.3). The findings from this study confirm the diversity and social nature of dual tobacco use by UK Bangladeshi men. These observations need to be considered and integrated into the development and implementation of tobacco cessation interventions for UK Bangladeshi adults in public health programs.
Date January 2006
CreatorsIslam, Syed Shariful
PublisherQueen Mary, University of London
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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