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Some recent marine ostracods from the Mediterranean

This work is primarily a taxonomic revision of several genera of Ostracoda from the Mediterranean, belonging to the superfamily Cytheracea Baird, 1850 (i.e. Loxoconcha Sars, Xestoleberis Sars, Urocythereis Riuggieri, Cytheretta Muller and Loculicytheretta Ruggieri). In Chapters 1-6, the carapaces and appendages of forty-four species are described land illustrated, and seven new species and one new genus (Sagmatocythere) are introduced. The diagnostic features of each species are discussed, while the synonomy, ecology and distribution are reviewed in all cases. In addition, unusual morphological and anatomical features of several taxa are discussed, and their function and taxonomic significance are commented upon. (e.g. celation and fossal patterns in Urocythereis, Xestoleberis spots and labia in Xestoleberis, loculi in Loculicytheretta). Chapter 7 is a census of the G.W. Muller ostracod collection, and shows that most of the remaining specimens are badly decalcified. Chapter 8 is devoted to the autecology and faunal affinities of the Recent ostracods of Cyprus. This investigation indicates that the nature of thee biotope is a major factor controlling the distribution of living ostracods. There are four appendices which deal individually with ostracod thanatocoenoses around Cyprus, twenty additional species, preparative techniques and detailed sample data. The thesis is illustrated throughout with line drawings and S.E.M. photographs mainly in stereo-pairs.
Date January 1977
CreatorsAthersuch, J.
PublisherUniversity of Leicester
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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