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The impact of high-tech learning environments on pupils' interactions

This research focuses on a new typology of learning environment referred to here as the high-tech classroonn, which characteristically makes extensive use of information technology and flexible environments. The research concerns the impact of these high-tech classrooms on the behaviour of pupils. The UK Government has recognised the need for radical changes to classroom environments and their facilities in order to improve learning. As an outcome of these new ideas, proposals are being developed and implemented through the UK's "Classrooms of the Future" initiative. Behavioural mapping was used to observe and monitor the classroom environment and analyse usage. Two new classrooms designed by INTEGER (Intelligent and Green) in two different UK schools provided the case study environments to determine whether intelligent learning environments can enhance learning experiences. The behavioural analysis method described in this research is used to examine the interactions that occur in the classroom, as well as the flexibility of the room, the mobility of the teacher and the relationship between these factors with technology. Questionnaires were used to validate data from the observations. The findings from the analyses showed that the interactions pupils were involved in the classroom increased and this indicates that high-tech classroom has a significant contribution to the teaching and learning process. The high-tech classrooms match the demands of an information and communication age where technology is permeating all workspaces and learning environments. The accessibility to and use of information, made easier through technology in the high-tech classrooms, introduces new practices in the classroom. The research concludes by stating that high-tech classrooms provide a new approach to learning environments. A new way of learning is brought about by the high-tech classroom.
Date January 2008
CreatorsTibùrcio, Tùlio Márcio De Salles
PublisherUniversity of Reading
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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