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Two-phase flow in straight pipe and 90° bends

A method of measuring the moan liquid velocity in an airwater two-phase flow has been successfully developed utilising an electrolyte tracer technique. Liquid holdup is derived from this velocity measurement and compared with existing correlation. Two new liquid holdup correlations are developed, one empirical the other theoretical. These are compared with the correlations and data of others over a wide range of experimental conditions with encouraging results Pressure drop has been measured for straight pipe and for six 90 degree bends, of relative radius, R/d = 1 to 6 inclusive, The straight pipe data is in agreement with the results of others, A theoretical analysis of straight pipe pressure drop is attempted and good agreement let demonstrated with the Lockhart-Martinelli correlation The data for the tends indicate that the Lockhart-Martinelli correlation will predict the predict the Pressure drop With acceptable accuracy. The applicability of a homogeneous model with a constant bend resistance coefficient is demonstrated. The total momentum flux has been measured at the pipe exit and a liquid entrainment factor is postulated in order to satisfy momentum and continuity constraints for a two-velocity flow model. Entrainment correlations are developed for slug flows and an existing correlation for annular flow is found satisfactory with modification.
Date January 1971
CreatorsBruce, James Masson
PublisherUniversity of Aberdeen
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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