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Platelet, endothelial and coagulation function in patients with established chronic kidney disease on haemodialysis

The aim of this thesis was to assess whether platelet, endothelial and coagulation biomarkers of thrombotic risk are increased in ECKD-HD patients. Five individual studies were performed (1) venous blood samples between controls and resting HD patients, (2) simultaneous blood samples between vascular access (VA) and venous samples in HD patients (3) pre and post dialysis from the VA, (4) samples pre and post dialysis in venous samples, (5) a retrospective study of VA thrombosis in HD patients. Venous blood samples were taken from 78 resting healthy volunteers and from 78 HD patients immediately before and 30 minutes after dialysis. We also took blood samples from the VA of 55 patients immediately before and after dialysis. In 26 patients venous and VA samples were taken simultaneously. Our results have shown HD patients potentially have evidence of a prothrombotic state compared to controls. This is further increased by each session of dialysis and is present in both VA and venous samples distant from the site of haemodialysis. We have shown some differences in platelet activation and inflammatory markers between simultaneous VA and venous samples. Furthermore, some of these biomarkers may be associated with a retrospective history of VA occlusion. Our study has shown that in patients with ECKD on HD there may be evidence of an underlying prothrombotic tendency. There is a need to determine the optimal anti-platelet and anti-coagulation therapy in these patients.
Date January 2010
CreatorsMilburn, James Alexander
PublisherUniversity of Aberdeen
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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