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Studies on Hebbel's poetry: with a collection of poems not in Werner's critical edition and a register of musical settings of Hebbel's poems

In a letter to Hebbel dated 29.12.1858 Fischer writes: "Ihre Poesien sind immer gleich Probleme [...] Sie nehmen und machen sich selbst die Poesie nicht leicht [...] und was Sie selbst schwer nehmen, wird und muss begreiflicherweise dem Leser noch schwieriger fallen." Criticism of Hebbel's poems has been largely negative. My intention is to adopt a critical approach which is not hampered by a rigid concept of what constitutes good poetry or other prejudices, and to open up new perspectives of Hebbel's poetry, by discussing different aspects of his verse. Standard criticisms of Hebbel's poetry are examined, and the reception of his poetry In the world of music, prior to the rediscovery of his works in general, is discussed. A register of the musical settings of Hebbel's verse documents the extent of his popularity as a poet amongst composers. Hebbel's aesthetics, which are inextricably linked with his perception of life, reveal his artistic aims and a personal vindication of his poetry. An analysis of Hebbel's poetic forms and strophic structures shows his indebtedness to tradition and his point of departure from it. Structural principles In Hebbel's poetry are examined. The arrangement of poems in pairs, an aspect which has not previously been examined, reveals how Hebbel overcomes the dissonance and dualism in the world within the poetic statement. The cyclical arrangement of poems often reflects Hebbel's attempt to perfect the poetic expression of fundamental, predominantly philosophical reflections. A collection of relatively unknown and inaccessible Hebbel poems is found in Appendix 1.
Date January 1995
CreatorsLewis, C. M.
PublisherAberystwyth University
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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