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Spatial planning framework for urban development and management in Jos Metropolis, Nigeria

Effective urban and regional planning has the potential to contribute to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, particularly in countries where land is readily available for development. Jos Metropolis has been chosen as a focus of study as it exemplifies the problem of urban sprawl in Nigerian cities. This research seeks to evaluate the need for spatial planning and to develop a framework and guidance for addressing physical planning problems with particular reference to Jos Metropolis, Nigeria. The epistemological position of the study leans towards interpretivism while the ontological and axiological standpoints are towards constructivist and value laden respectively. The research methodological strategy employed is mixed methods involving multiple case studies of the planning authorities from Jos metropolis, Nigeria, that have used the urban master plan as a development control measure. Questionnaires, interviews (face-to-face interview) and documents reviews were the data collection methods. This research revealed that; urbanisation and its related problems can be controlled effectively using appropriate planning approaches in regions of both developed and developing countries. Statistically, the results showed that the components of institutional framework, specifically, tiers of government (institutions), planning legislation and the administrations were not significantly affected by the culture, physical, political, institutions, financial, knowledge, analytical and legal constraints whilst the planning authorities were significantly constrained. The urban planning system in the Jos metropolis is not effective in ensuring controlled urban development and management. Hence, based on these outcomes, a spatial planning framework and guidance is developed for effective urban development and management in Jos Metropolis Nigeria. Finally, this study recommended further research opportunities as the frameworks and guidance document developed are used in urban and regional planning and the activities of development plan /control process in the other 36 States of the Nigerian Federation including Abuja.
Date January 2014
CreatorsWapwera, S. D.
PublisherUniversity of Salford
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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