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Evaluation of information systems deployment in Libyan oil companies : towards an assessment framework

This research work provides an explorative study of information systems deployment in two oil companies in Libya, one domestic and one foreign. It focuses on evaluation, review and assessment methodologies for information system deployment in oil companies in Libya. It also takes into consideration related issues such as information systems strategies and strategic business alignment with information systems. The study begins with an overview of information systems deployment in Libyan-based oil companies. The study thereafter reviews Libya as a business environment and provides a literature review on information systems deployment, information systems strategies and existing assessment models for information systems deployment. A case study of each company is then presented. The research investigates information systems deployment along with associated business functions in the Libyan-based oil companies chosen as case studies. Detailed analysis of information systems deployed in the company has been carried out, following a comprehensive information gathering process from the case study companies. The analysis was done using existing scholarly models which include process mapping, system portfolio analysis, Nolan’s model, Zuboff’s model, the CPIT model and the MacFarlan-Peppard model. Earl’s model and Gottschalk’s model have also been reviewed in the literature and used to provide insightful analysis of the information system strategies of the case study companies. In the concluding section of this research work, a framework is established for the assessment of information systems deployment in similar business contexts - starting from the basis of process analysis and the information systems used, considering interfaces and linkages of the information systems and the suitability of the information systems in similar business contexts. The developed framework builds on the foundation of the existing assessment models for information systems deployment. This newly developed framework presented in this study is the contribution of this research work to knowledge. The developed framework is suited to assessing information systems deployment in oil companies in Libya and can be adapted to other oil companies in developing countries.
Date January 2013
CreatorsAkeel, Hosian
PublisherUniversity of Gloucestershire
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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