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Dental development timings of primary and permanent dentition among UK population

Introduction: Methods to determine a child’s growth and development are of a great value for both medical and dental practice. Growth has been used as an indicator of health worldwide. Normal development is measured from growth charts and any developmental delay can be recognized early. Teeth are the most frequently used part of the body analyzed for age estimation. Aim & Objectives: 1. To revise the dental development timings for permanent teeth (excluding third molars) among the UK population using dental radiographs and produce reference data for different ethnic groups. 2. A pilot study to revise dental development timing for primary teeth using post mortem study of MRI and CT scan (MaRIAS) data. Methods: Cross sectional study of radiographs of children attending Eastman Dental Hospital and MaRIAS images (MRI and CT Scan) of fetuses, infants and children at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Tooth development stages (TDS) were assessed using Demirjian’s staging system for permanent teeth and the modified Demirjian’s staging system for primary teeth, to produce mean ages of attainment for tooth initiation, crown completion and root completion. The mean age of attainment of each TDS was produced. Gender and different ethnic groups were compared where appropriate. Results: 1. In total, 183 cases from post-mortem study of MRI and CT scan were assessed (MaRIAS). Of these, 81 cases showed primary teeth, of which 45 (56%) were included in the analysis. Mean ages of attainment of TDS in primary teeth were produced. 2. Three hundred seventy six (376) radiographs of young children and adolescents and 34 MaRIAS images, were assessed to obtain data on the early developing permanent teeth, as this information was lacking from the DAA database. The mean age of attainment of TDS for upper and lower left teeth were produced. 3. Of 5333 subjects in DAA database, 4397 were analysed to compare the mean age of attainment between ethnic groups. Gender considered separately. Conclusion: The primary teeth started to develop in intra-uterine phase. In permanent teeth, females developed earlier than males and there were significant differences when White, Asian and Black groups were compared.
Date January 2012
CreatorsAhmad, N. S. B.
PublisherUniversity College London (University of London)
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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