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The development and validation of tools to measure the parent/health visitor relationship

Research Question: Is it possible to measure the parent/health visitor relationship? Aim: To develop and validate tools to measure the parent/health visitor relationship. Background: The helping relationship has been the subject of intense scrutiny in other helping professions, particularly psychotherapy where research has shown that it is crucial to positive outcomes for the client. Although health visitors assert that their relationships with parents are also of paramount importance to outcomes, no tools to measure these relationships exist. Methods: An extensive literature review of measures used in other helping relationships across a number of helping professions was carried out to identify their suitability for use in the parent/health visitor relationship. No appropriate measures were found. Stimulated recall interviews were carried out with six parents and health visitor dyads. These were analysed thematically in order to identify indicators of good working relationships. Once identified, TELER dichotomous questionnaires were developed and piloted in the community with 11 health visitors and 36 parents across three Primary Care Trusts and adjusted according to their comments. The newly devised TELER tools were then used with 15 health visitors and 53 parents. The data were analysed using the TELER method and a statistical interpretation made. Results: The outcomes of the study were that indicators of the parent/HV relationship were shown to be measureable together with five major contributions to health visitor knowledge and theory development: 1. Identification of the HV micro-skills and qualities involved in forming working relationships with parents. 2. Identification of the parental contribution to the HV working relationship in terms of their qualities and skills. 3. Identification of the health visiting process. 4. The creation of valid instruments to measure these relationships.5. The creation of a valid instrument to measure the impact of organisations on HV and parent working relationships.
Date January 2013
CreatorsBidmead, Christine
ContributorsCowley, Sarah Ann ; Grocott, Patricia Rosalind
PublisherKing's College London (University of London)
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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