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An artefact oriented approach to information sharing in enterprise information systems and organisations

In the dynamic business environment, the importance of information sharing drives organisations to adopt information systems in order to achieve optimal performances. Enterprise information systems, in particular, have been widely utilised to enable information sharing across the whole organisations. However, the business processes and information flows in organisations and enterprise information systems are often not thoroughly aligned. As a result, the implementation and utilisation of enterprise information systems remain troublesome, which further hinders information sharing. Business processes provide the context for information to be used by people. Business process modelling is the process of identifying and specifying the formal and informal characters of human activities within organisations through a systematic manner. The results of business process modelling are commonly used to support the development of information systems. Hence, this research aims to improve information sharing through business process modelling in enterprise information systems and organisations. In order to achieve this aim, this research follows the design science research paradigm and develops an artefact-oriented concept along with an artefact-oriented business process modelling method. Developed from activity theory and organisational semiotics, the artefact-oriented concept views the elements within organisations as being artefacts, activities, and agents. Based on the ontological dependency, artefacts can be used to collect and categorise information from relevant activities and agents. The use of artefacts as a modelling basis allows the scalability of business processes. The results from business process modelling can, therefore, be used to enable artefact-based information sharing in enterprise information systems and organisations. The concept and method were validated and evaluated through case studies. The case study findings suggest that the artefact-oriented concept and artefact-oriented business process modelling method are suitable for organisations to align information sharing with their business processes.
Date January 2014
CreatorsPan, Tu-Chun
PublisherUniversity of Reading
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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