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Buckling strength of steel thin cylindrical shells under elevated local axial compression

First, the buckling analyses of perfect cylinder under various uniform/non-uniform axial compression were performed using the finite element method in order to obtain convergence mesh for further study, to find the reference elastic critical load, and to explore the accuracy of the loading and boundary conditions applied. Linear elastic analysis of perfect cylinder under local elevated axial compression was presented second. The meridional membrane stress distribution in the midplane, which subjected to highly elevated stresses of the whole cylinder, was examined in detail and a linear buckling analysis was performed for the buckling strength of the cylinder limited in the small deflections, geometrically and materially linear range. Two different buckling phenomena were identified, with corresponding and distinct buckling mode forms, by using the deflected shapes and axial membrane stress distribution of various geometry and loading configurations. The introduction of this notion is a key feature of the whole study. Third, a modified RIKS analysis was performed to get the load-displacement curve for some representative cases in order to deal with possible instabilities in the extent of geometric non-linearity as well as material non-linearity with and without imperfections. A new self-design approach was set up to obtain the critical buckling strength in the geometrically non-linear domain more efficiently. Geometrically nonlinear elastic analyses were performed afterwards, using large deflection theory. Both perfect and imperfect cylinders were studied under various geometric and loading configurations. This provided the database for the following sets of simply formulae aiming for design purpose. The influence of material non-linearity was studied via some representative cases. Fourth, the stress pattern in the pre-buckling state before buckling under local elevated axial compression was studied to get the relationship between the high local axial stresses and the buckling strength.
Date January 2003
CreatorsCai, Minjie
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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