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A taxonomic revision of the genus Matthiola R.Br. (Cruciferae) and related genera

A global taxonomic review of the Cruciferae genera <I>Matthiola</I> R.Br., <I>Lonchophora </I>Durieu, <I>Diceratella</I> Boiss. and <I>Morettia</I> DC. is presented. The fifty species of <I>Matthiola</I> were investigated taxonomically, with the aim of improving their classification and giving a better understanding of their relationships and evolution. The species are widely distributed over Macaronesia, the Mediterranean, NE Africa, the Middle East and SW Asia, with one species in S Africa. Exploratory work in the fields of cytology, anatomy and molecular biology was undertaken to determine the usefulness of such techniques in producing new taxonomic characters and to establish techniques that are suitable for this group of plants. A major part of the investigation was to determine and clarify the generic limits, especially with reference to the monotypic genus <I>Lonchophora </I>and the genus <I>Microstigma </I>Trautv., both of which were formerly included in <I>Matthiola.</I> The genera <I>Diceratella</I> and <I>Morettia</I> were also included in the investigation as there has been much movement of species between these genera by taxonomists in recent years. Nine informally designated species-groups of <I>Matthiola</I> are recognised and supported by the phenetic numerical analysis, although only two species-groups are fully supported by the cladistic analysis. Intuitive, phenetic and cladistic analyses all confirm that <I>Lonchophora </I>is a part of <I>Matthiola, </I>belonging to Species-Group LONGIPETALA, and that <I>Microstigma </I>is closely allied to <I>Matthiola</I>, but remains distinct. <I>Diceratella </I>and <I>Morettia</I> are very close to each other but somewhat more distantly related to <I>Matthiola</I>. Three species of <I>Matthiola</I> are reduced to synonymy, two of which are reduced to subspecific level. A new subspecies of <I>Matthiola montana</I> Boiss. is recognised.
Date January 1998
CreatorsGowler, Zoe R.
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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