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The use of high-level requirements ontologies for discovering resources in a multi-provider cloud environment

This thesis proposes the use of high-level requirement ontologies for discovering resources in a multi-provider cloud environment. A high-level framework for deploying cloud-oriented applications, which harnessing existing cloud technologies, is developed. The framework provides an abstract multi-layered ontological model for specifying cloud application requirements. Domain-specific ontologies are used to specify high-level application requirements. These are translated into infrastructure ontologies which are agnostic to underlying providers and low-level resources. Resource and cost ontologies are used for specifying the capabilities and cost of infrastructure resources. The proposed model provides an abstract application-centric mechanism for specifying an application's requirements and searching for a set of suitable resources in a multi-provider cloud environment. A two-phase resource discovery approach for selecting cloud resources is developed. In the first phase, a set of possible resources which meet an application's mandatory requirements is identified. In the second phase, a suitable heuristic is used to filter the initial resource set by taking into consideration other requirements. This approach enables a selection of appropriate resources based on the needs of the application at the time it is being deployed. Furthermore, a meta programming model is developed to facilitate an unified approach to the management of cloud resources (offered by different providers). The proposed framework allows cloud users to specify application requirements without being overly concerned about the complexity of underlying provider frameworks and resources. The framework provides an effective mechanism for searching for a set of suitable resources that satisfy the application's requirements, specified at design time, while having the capability to adapt to requirement changes at runtime. Cloud resources can be utilised effectively in order to maximize the performance of an application and minimise its deployment cost in a multi-provider cloud environment.
Date January 2014
CreatorsSun, Y. L.
PublisherQueen's University Belfast
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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