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The influence of new media technologies on African literature

This study investigates the role of new media technologies in the development of African literature. It examines the different ways that these new technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones have revolutionised the way Africans write and read literary works on the continent. African literature refers to literary works written mostly by Africans in any language. Over the last decade, new African writers have created a stir in the arenas of creative writing. Uses and gratification as well as diffusion of innovation theories were adopted as the theoretical framework for this study. A total of 30 African writers and 300 readers completed a survey questionnaire designed to elicit responses on how new media has influenced African literature. Some of the writers interviewed have distinguished themselves in their fields, their works have appeared alongside works of other international writers. The readers were chosen from a popular literary society. The results of the study indicate that the Internet has a big impact on reception of African literature, creating endless opportunities, easy accessibility, promotion of work and networking with peers and literary community. The findings also show that social media also increases networking opportunities and provides a platform where readers access, share and discuss African literature. Mobile phones also play a significant and functional role in the reception and promotion of African literature. Overall, these findings suggest that new media technologies have created opportunities for African literature to be appreciated globally, and have enabled readers to access, share and discuss new works.
Date January 2018
CreatorsIsong, Anietie
PublisherDe Montfort University
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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