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Consumer protection regarding halal food in Malaysian and English law

The thesis will explore consumer protection in respect of the abuse of halal food law in Malaysia. It will argue that the protection of halal food consumers is not sufficient to protect consumers in Malaysia. It will identify potential halal food-law infringements in the areas of certifications, false labelling, adulteration of halal food, improper slaughtering practices, questionable hygiene, and misrepresentation of halal. This thesis will investigate the current legal framework of halal food by identifying the potential violation of law, and consequently, will explore possible remedies and legal protection in cases where there is halal food abuse in Malaysia. This thesis will also consider the issue of private remedies for consumers who suffer as a result of food abuses and will explore compensation as a remedy for the nuisance caused. In addition, it will explore the adequacy of administrative measures to address halal food issues in Malaysia and identify whether these measures are capable of preventing legal abuses and holding traders to account. The competent authorities who enforce halal standards face problems and difficulties in providing a sufficient level of policing. This thesis will explore the criminal remedies provided by Malaysian law to deal with halal food abuse. While the problems in Malaysia and the United Kingdom may be similar, there are differences in how both countries deal with halal food issues. This thesis seeks to identify practices and solutions provided by English law which may be implemented in Malaysia to offer increased or more effective protection and to prevent halal food infringement. This thesis will suggest that the law in Malaysia requires modification in order to improve consumer protection. It will indicate a need for effective implementation of legal and enforcement measures in Malaysia. Any consequences of the lack of resources will also be identified. The thesis will conclude by providing recommendations on the implementation of a set of rules and compliance measures that will effectively contribute towards improving consumer protection vis-à-vis halal food in Malaysia.
Date January 2018
CreatorsHalim, Mustafa Afifi bin Ab
ContributorsTwigg-Flesner, Christian ; Ismail, Muhammad-Basheer Adisa ; Petetin, Ludivine
PublisherUniversity of Hull
Source SetsEthos UK
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Thesis or Dissertation

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