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Exploring transgender spirituality within a retreat setting: Theological Action Research

This project explores how a retreat ministry grounded in Theological Action Research
(TAR) may help ameliorate the harmful effects of negative religious experiences among
transgender persons. As a method of practical theology, TAR is interactive and participatory; in
this study, TAR fostered agency and ownership among retreat participants. The study identifies
larger implications of employing TAR to inform the practice of ministry, particularly among
marginalized communities. Data and feedback from retreatants indicate that a retreat created
through TAR and drawing upon spiritual autobiography, is a helpful model and method for
ministry with transgender and gender non-conforming people seeking spiritual companionship
Date19 May 2016
CreatorsWeekley, David
Source SetsBoston University
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsAttribution 4.0 International,

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