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Mental illnesses in the Asian population

This thesis traces the history of mental health over various populations, with a strong emphasis in the Asian and Asian American communities. This thesis explores how mental health services have changed over time. In most countries, mental health awareness has been increasing, which has been making a positive impact on its health care system. It is interesting to study how the quantity and quality of health services have also increased. By looking at studies on the differences of cultural impact, taboo, and generational disparities, a greater understanding can be made on the health needs of the Asian population. This thesis finds that amidst generational differences, Asian Americans are still strongly influenced by their native culture. By educating and understanding the cultural differences between patients and practitioners, a more efficient model for mental health care services can be created.
Date09 March 2017
CreatorsLee, Lauren
Source SetsBoston University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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