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Heteropoly tungstonickelates: preparations, properties, and structural considerations

Thesis (Ed.M.)--Boston University / This research was undertaken in order to deduce the chemistry of heteropoly electrolytes containing tungsten and nickel in the anion. No compounds fitting that description were known previously.
Hexatungstonickelate(II) Ion was prepared by boiling a solution containing nickel nitrate and sodium paratungstate at pH 6.5. Satisfactory preparative methods have been devised for the following salts of the Hexatungstonickelate(II) anion: [TRUNCATED]
Date January 1960
CreatorsAgarwala, Umesh Chandra
PublisherBoston University
Source SetsBoston University
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsBased on investigation of the BU Libraries' staff, this work is free of known copyright restrictions.

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