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Best rotated minimax approximation

Thesis submitted 1970; degree awarded 1971. / In this dissertation we consider the minimax approximation of
functions f(x) E"C[O, l] rotated about the origin, and the characterization
of the optimal rotation, a*, of f in the sense of least minimax error
over all possible rotations. The paper divides naturally into two
sections: a) Existence, uniqueness, and characterization for unisolvent
minimax approximation for each rotation a of f. These results are
applications of Dunham (1967). b) Existence, non-uniqueness, and com.putation of a*; derivation of necessary conditions for the minimax [TRUNCATED]
Date January 1970
CreatorsMichaud, Richard Omer
PublisherBoston University
Source SetsBoston University
Detected LanguageEnglish
RightsThis work is being made available in OpenBU by permission of its author, and is available for research purposes only. All rights are reserved to the author.

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