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Jazz band arranging : original big band arrangements

This paper examines five big band arrangements written during a period of two semesters from 1998-1999. I will provide an overview and performance considerations for each arrangement. Each arrangement uses common conventions such as unison lines, octave doubling, four and five part voicings, found in closed, semi-open, and open position. Approach techniques include diatonic, dominant, diminished, chromatic, and parallel. Choice was based primarily on two considerations: desired texture and the best voice leading options identified to provide each part with a swinging line and maintain melodic integrity. Other conventions applied include chord substitution, upper structure triads, and altered and diminished scales to provide harmonic contrast and color. Each arrangement supplied new challenges and the tunes selected provided the arranger with a diverse experience of styles. The inherent qualities of the melody and harmonic progression of each piece were the primary considerations for selection.
Date01 April 1999
CreatorsByron, Jay M.
PublisherFIU Digital Commons
Source SetsFlorida International University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceFIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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