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Improving concept learning in green building by addressing students' learning styles and prior knowledge

In green building there is a requirement for the collaboration of students from different disciplines in order to solve challenging problems. Successful collaboration depends on the establishment of a common understanding of the subject matter among those involved. To gain common understanding concept learning is critical. A concept learning process may be improved when factors affecting it are addressed. Prior knowledge and learning styles of the students may influence the way they learn concepts. This thesis is focused on studying the relationship between a concept learning process and prior knowledge and learning styles of students. An experiment was conducted by giving students concepts customized to their prior knowledge and learning styles. Tests were conducted at various stages and they were statistically analyzed with t-tests to determine if a difference existed between the two groups. The results indicated that the group which was given the customized material showed improvement in their concept learning over the group who were taught conventionally.
Date13 November 2008
CreatorsChunduri, Sreelatha
PublisherFIU Digital Commons
Source SetsFlorida International University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceFIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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