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A grid computing network platform for enhanced data management and visualization

This thesis presents a novel approach towards providing a collaboration environment by using Grid Computing. The implementation includes the deployment of a cluster attached to a mural display for high performance computing and visualization and a Grid-infrastructure for sharing storage space across a wide area network and easing the remote use of the computing resources. A medical data processing application is implemented on the platform. The outcome is enhanced use of remote storage facilities and quick return time for computationally-intensive problems.
The central issue of this thesis work is thus one that focuses on the development of a secure distributed system for data management and visualization to respond to the need for more efficient interaction and collaboration between technical researchers and medical professionals. The proposed networked solution is envisioned such as to provide synergy for more collaboration on theoretical and experimental issues involving analysis, visualization, and data sharing across sites.
Date28 March 2007
CreatorsDelgado, Javier
PublisherFIU Digital Commons
Source SetsFlorida International University
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceFIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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