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A Microjet-Based Reactant Delivery Method for PEM Fuel Cells

A microjet-based reactant delivery method was implemented in a prototype PEM fuel cell. A commercially available fuel cell was procured that utilizes a conventional reactant delivery method. The prototype was designed with an identical active area so that number of variables leading to differences in performance between the two fuel cells would be minimal. The MEAs inside each fuel cell were identical. Both the prototype and commercially available cell were tested under a variety of operating conditions. Conditions that were tested include: low air stoichiometry flow rates, high air stoichiometry flow rates, varying relative humidity, varying hydrogen stagnation pressure, varying stack temperatures, and varying air backpressure. The performance of each fuel cell was compared for each set of test conditions. The results show that the prototype microjet fuel cell experienced lower activation losses than the commercially available fuel cell. Testing revealed several design flaws in the prototype. Also, there are indications that the microjet design allows the fuel cell to be less affected by high stack temperatures. / A Thesis submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering in partial
fulīŦllment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science. / Degree Awarded: Summer Semester, 2008. / Date of Defense: June 10, 2008. / Fuel Cells, PEM / Includes bibliographical references. / Anjaneyulu Krothapalli, Professor Directing Thesis; Brenton Greska, Committee Member; Juan Ordonez, Committee Member.
ContributorsDeroche, Peter M. (authoraut), Krothapalli, Anjaneyulu (professor directing thesis), Greska, Brenton (committee member), Ordonez, Juan (committee member), Department of Mechanical Engineering (degree granting department), Florida State University (degree granting institution)
PublisherFlorida State University
Source SetsFlorida State University
LanguageEnglish, English
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