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Geography, Economic Institutions, Political Institutions, and Economic Performance

Does geography impact economic growth directly even after considering economic and political institutions? This paper explores which
countries are the most geographically disadvantaged and if these disadvantages play a role in their economic growth and per capita income
levels. A group of the 30 most geographically disadvantaged countries is determined by summing multiple geography variables to understand the
overall disadvantages these countries face. The difference between per capita income levels and growth rates of these countries compared to
other developing countries is analyzed to discover the disadvantage these geographic characteristics have. This analysis will explore how
important geography is to growth relative to economic and political institutions, and whether the effects of geography change over
time. / A Thesis submitted to the Department of Economics in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree
of Master of Science. / Summer Semester 2017. / July 18, 2017. / Economic Freedom of the World Index, EFW / Includes bibliographical references. / James D. Gwartney, Professor Co-Directing Thesis; Stefan Norrbin, Professor Co-Directing Thesis; Paul
Beaumont, Committee Member; Katie Sherron, Committee Member; Carl Kitchens, Committee Member.
ContributorsFerraro, Amanda Catherine (author), Gwartney, James D. (professor co-directing thesis), Norrbin, Stefan C. (professor co-directing thesis), Beaumont, Paul M. (committee member), Sherron, Katie A. (committee member), Kitchens, Carl T. (committee member), Florida State University (degree granting institution), College of Social Sciences and Public Policy (degree granting college), Department of Economics (degree granting departmentdgg)
PublisherFlorida State University
Source SetsFlorida State University
LanguageEnglish, English
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, text, master thesis
Format1 online resource (80 pages), computer, application/pdf

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