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The Simulation of and Convergence Studies

<p>The first section of this dissertation is concerned with simulation of the steady state behavior of an industrial multi-component reboiled absorber by two different mathematical models. The formulation of each model, an equilibrium tray and a Murphree tray efficiency model respectively, results in large sets of non-linear algebraic equations which must be solved on a digital computer. The physical property procedures employed to evaluate the parameters in each equation set are discussed and data from converged model studies are quantitatively compared to known plant data. Agreement between predicted and known data is good. The two models are also compared to a simulation model formulated by a previous investigator, Petryschuk.</p> <p>In the second section of this dissertation, the unstable convergence characteristics associated with application of sequential substitution procedures to the solution of absorber model equation sets are discussed. An idealized binary component absorber model was formulated and the convergence behavior associated with application of a modified sequential substitution procedure, block relaxation, to the model equations was analyzed by Jacobian matrix techniques. Several conclusions are presented regarding the interaction between model specifications and physical property parameters and the convergence of the chosen iteration procedure. Further, the convergence of several multi-component absorber models obtained from the literature and of the reboiled absorber model of this dissertation was studied and several conclusions drawn as to the use of the block relaxation convergence technique.</p> / Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Date10 1900
CreatorsProwse, Richmond Daniel
ContributorsJohnson, A. I., Crowe, C. M., Sinha, N. K., Chemical Engineering
Source SetsMcMaster University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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