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Stochastic Digital Control of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

<p>A continuous stirred tank reactor is interfaced to a minicomputer and software is written for the different purposes of this study. The model building procedure is based on a three-step iterative approach (identification, estimation and diagnostic checking) using data collected by a minicomputer under open-loop and closed-loop conditions. A stochastic feedback controller is designed from the identified model and implemented using a minicomputer. A comparison run between this stochastic controller and a well tuned PI controller is made. A modified stochastic controller is suggested. The effect of sampling interval on discrete process models is developed, and the optimal choice of sampling interval for digital control is discussed.</p> / Master of Engineering (ME)
Date03 1900
CreatorsHong, Man Huynh
ContributorsMacGregor, J. F., Chemical Engineering
Source SetsMcMaster University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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